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2014/09/10 Integrity Evaluation of Small Bore Connections (Branch Connections) (PDF) Chris B. Harper, P.Eng. Small-bore piping, small-bore connections, piping vibration, fatigue PDF 3
2014/01/01 Design Requirements for Reciprocating Compressors (PDF) BETA Reciprocating Compressors, vibration, application risk PDF 3
2014/01/01 Tips for Managing a Successful Vibration Project (PDF) BETA Vibration analysis, integrity issues, compressor, avoid vibration PDF 3
2014/01/01 Piping Vibration Design Considerations (PDF) Chris Harper Static design, dynamic design, AVIFF PDF 3
2012/12/01 Poor Pump Design Considerations Can Limit Operations (PDF) Jordan Grose, COMPRESSORtech2 Reciprocating Diaphragm Metering Pumps Installation, Rated Flow Capacity PDF 2
2012/09/05 Far Reaching Effects of Inadequate Pulsation Control (PDF) Jordan Grose, COMPRESSORtech2 Slamming Check Valve, Reciprocating Double Diaphragm Pump PDF 2
2012/06/06 Reciprocating Pump Design Flaws Shut Down Oil Platform (PDF) Jordan Grose, COMPRESSORtech2 Small Glycol Pumps, Pump Failure, Spare Pump Gear Box PDF 2
2010/10/04 Design Challenges for Reciprocating Compressors in Specialty Gas Services (PDF) Kelly Eberle, Michael Cyca, COMPRESSORtech2 Compressor Performance, Pressure Pulsations, Ethane, Ethylene, Consequences of Inaccurate Performance. PDF 2
2008/08/01 Torsional Vibration Case Study Highlights Design Considerations (PDF) Brian C. Howes MSc PEng, Tony King (AG Equipment) Crankshaft Failures, Double Resonance Condition, Torsional System, Design Philosophies, Torsional Failures PDF 2
2008/01/01 New API Standard 618 (5th Edition) and its Impact on Reciprocating Compressor Package Design (PDF) Shelley Greenfield PEng, Kelly Eberle, COMPRESSORtech2 Control Pulsation and Vibration on Reciprocating Compressor Systems, API 618, PDF 3


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